Friday, October 31, 2008

Mt. Excess

I have felt God telling me for some time to be content. It started in July, at Beth Moore, where I felt God telling me to be content with my job. It is a good job that hopefully impacts kids for the kingdom. Then as I began to shop for school clothes I again felt God prodding me. Be content. God gave me a visual this month. I now know I live in excess. After eleven days of not being able to do laundry I still didn't have to repeat an outfit. I'm not sure where to go with this but I do know I certainly do not need any more clothes.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Car Conversations

Elijah: Is that a cross? (as we drive past three crosses)
Mom: Yup
Elijah: Is that the cross Jesus died on?
Mom: um, not the exact cross, no.
Elijah: Why not?
Elijah to Chris: Dad you better get away from me. I'm dangerous.
at yet another epic battle of Parents versus Two year old at the dinner table

Chris: Elijah take a bite right now
Elijah: Dad, help me. I'm small, just look at my feet.
and my favorite
Elijah: Mom, so, how was your day at school?
Mom: Good
Elijah: Well what did you do today?
Mom: I taught lessons, ate lunch, graded papers, planned lessons (pause)
Elijah: Aren't you going to ask me about my day?

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Monuments and Milestones

I know it is cliche but time really does fly. My dear "mom", Barb, sent pictures from cousin's camp. One of which shows me and the boys with Andy, Sara, Jo, and Babe-I. John is little and has all this dark hair. This week John is balding, his hair is turning a shade that is beginning to look a bit red, and he reached a monument and a milestone.

While frantically trying to finish my bible study before small group on Tuesday I did what any great mother does when trying to get a moment to herself, I turned on tunes. Elijah was entranced and John was talking away on the floor. Engrossing myself in my study I happened to look up and noticed that John was on his tummy. Without anyone looking John had rolled over! I moved him to his play blanket to see if the trick could be repeated. It was! We officially have a roller. He rolls pretty much every time he is placed on the floor.

Wednesday I got a daycare call during the school day. I don't get too worried about those calls because my wonderful daycare mom, Jodi, loves to call with the funny things Elijah does or to let me hear John babbling. Turns out her message was about a monument, in John's mouth. John got his first tooth this week. We noticed it Wednesday and it was through on Friday. No pomp, no circumstance.

I suppose crawling and college are next.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Sara

Today is such a great day. Not only is it Josiah's birthday; my nephew who warmed my heart from the first time I held him, but it is my big sister's birthday. She is so much more than a big sister. As any of you know who read this blog I adore my sister. Seriously, how many people can actually say they have known their best friend their entire lives? I was telling my students today about how annoying I used to be (probably still am) to my sister. I followed her around, changed my clothes to be just like her (Lord knows her fashion sense is better than mine), and wanted to be a part of everything she was doing. She always tolerated me; always gave me another chance to keep a secret. I was trying to decide today what it is about Sara that I love the most. I think it is that she knows how to love people. She gets what it means to be a friend and she goes out of her way to make people know their worth. For example, I projected confidence as a teenager but really I was a ball of insecurity held together by the words of others. Sara always made sure I had enough string to keep the ball from unraveling. She went out of her way to make sure I was always taken care of; even when I didn't want another mother watching me. (Thanks for watching me!)

Happy Birthday Sara! You are so much more than a sister. Life circumstances have made it so that we are forever glued together: the Lund girls are we. I can't think of any one else I would rather be glued to.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Apple Orchardy Pictures

Peek a boo! I see you.
Jump, don't jump, jump, don't jump...
Eating apples at the apple orchard isn't stealing is it?
Hey Dady, what about this one down here?
Hi mom!