Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Jesus Loves Me

For your listening enjoyment.

Friday, February 7, 2014

I Love Football

I do.  I love football.  I love the manliness of the game. I love the strategy.  I love a great hit.

I loved football at an early age because it provided me with great time with my Dad.  We would sit together on Sunday and watch football.  Me cheering for the Denver Broncos and Dad cheering for the Saints.  I loved to play football with the boys at recess. { My motives for playing may have been less about love of the game and more about love of something else but...}  I loved watching my high school team play football.  The Orioles were not great at football but I loved watching the hard hits and hearing the crashing of pads. 

My favorite vacation with Chris was to Denver for a preseason game.  We were right behind the Bronco bench and my favorite player, Shannon Sharpe waved at me.  Yes, he looked right at me and waved.  Chris thinks I am crazy but I know it happened.  Really.

Being the mom of four boys I have hopes that at least one of them will love some football too.  Daniel loves to watch football and can throw like nobody's business.  John is a great tackle.  Elijah tried football this Fall and did super.  Micah, well we know he will be tough.  He'll have to be to survive in this house.