Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Summer comes to an end in two days when the big boys go back to school.  It has been a challenge being a stay at home mom with four kiddos home this summer.  The big boys felt like they got gypped on fun since going to the pool or any other great adventure was met with a ,"Sorry, but that is more than Mom can handle."  The little boy and baby felt like they spent the summer getting in and out of the van & stroller as we shuttled around.

So, last week when the whining and complaining and crying hit their crescendo I was pretty sure psychiatric services were in my future.  Then, I got message from an old supervisor.  It was a job offer.

A job.  In the real world.  With adults.  And reading real books.  And teaching things I love.

I was tempted.  I reasoned.  I negotiated.  I pleaded with God to give me the green light to leave this hard job called motherhood behind for a few hours each day.

He didn't budge.

And then the still small voice revealed the real root.  It's not that I wanted to escape motherhood.  It's that I wanted to know I had done well.  To know that those who are out there remember little ol' me fondly.  I know that someday I might be able to go back.

So, I thank the Lord for today and try not to think too much about tomorrow.  I thank Him for the ways He shurs me up; for the encouragement He sends my way.  

And I resist temptation.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Girls

Last week "the girls" were here.  Affectionately labeled so to differentiate from the boys who typically live here.  We signed on to host three college girls who have been traveling I-29 all summer putting on a Jesus camp.  And, as is typically the case when one thinks they are going to bless someone else, I was immeasurably blessed by these young women.

Jess, Emily, and EmJay (who is also an Emily) moved in on Saturday night.  I knew we would hit it off right away when Emily asked for crackers and mac and cheese.  A girl after Daniel's heart!  All of these girls fit so well with our family.  They snuggled the boys on Pizza Movie night.  Shared their technology.  Asked questions only Chris could answer.

I got to have conversations I don't normally get to have.  We talked relationships, when you know it's love and how to be happy single.  We talked about messy families and how God works through us to heal them.  We talked about fitting in and liking what God thinks more than others.  We talked about fitness, missions, food, roomates, and shared silly stories about our crazy days. 

We painted toe nails.  They colored their hair (ah the high school memories).  We got coffee.

At the end of the week, I cried when they left.  Daniel has asked every day when "the girls" are coming back.  I sure pray the Lord crosses our paths again someday. 

Jess showing Daniel the monkey in our backyard. 

Daniel wondering why he couldn't have painted nails too.

Saturday family picture