Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Cheering for #85

We just wrapped up a seven game season of cheering for our favorite football player.  As a mother it gives me a stomach ache to send my guy out on the field in pads, a helmet, and fancy receiver gloves. Elijah is not the biggest player on the field.  He is not the fastest player on the field.  He is not even the most talented player on the field.
As a linebacker and a tight end, Elijah usually faces guys who are taller, bigger, stronger.  He does not let that stop him!

See!  This guy was as tall as me!
As a mother I beam with pride to send my guy out on the field with a set of skills taught at home and at practice.  What he brings to the field is attitude and effort.  An attitude of "I will try; I'll give it my all."  Effort unsurpassed by most of the other players on his team.

Last minute pep talk.
I love cheering for #85.  I love watching his dad give him pointers.  I love watching him see the play and make a move.  I love watching his baby brother yelling from the sidelines.  I love seeing him take a coaches comments and put them into practice.

Getting the tackle.  Way to go, 85!

"Go, YAYA!"

John spent most games brushing up on his running skills.  

One serious fan!  I love my #85. (Micah is hiding by the garbage cans.)

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Treasured Moments

Grandma and Daniel looked at a book for a long time; such sweet moments to treasure.

Football is consuming our Saturday's.  Elijah and his buddy Marshall are both so much fun to watch.

This guy loves to cheer for his brother, which is a good thing since we spend every Saturday at the fields.
  "Go Yaya, Go Yaya, GO!"  

Measuring Growth

Sunday was our quasi annual measuring day.  Marks on the wall in the kitchen inched upward as we got out the ruler and Chris' level eyes to see how much growth occurred over the course of the past year.

And while the marksclearly show physical growth it doesn't show the growth we are really more concerned with.  A quick inventory of spiritual growth shows a desire for intellectual knowledge in one of my boys.  A desire for relationship from another.  It shows a growing fascination with creation through the eyes of a youngster.  An innocent love of worship in a toddler's heart.

A deeper inventory shows struggles with what the culture says is okay versus what the Bible says is okay.  Struggles with the sins of deception, cheating, land anger bubble up.  There are struggles with insecurity, obedience, and fear.

The young people are not the only ones measuring growth.  Not the only ones who want to know, "Did I move up?"  Bible study has been hitting close to home and making us uncomfortable.  Taking stock is something of an annual event but lately it has been forefront as we wrestle with our time use, our hobbies, and our treasures.