Monday, January 18, 2010


This morning at breakfast Elijah could not contain his giggles. He pointed out that the sweatshirt I was wearing had holes around the wrist bands. Shocked, I examined my sweatshirt. How could my beloved Champion sweatshirt have holes? But sure enough there they were, as plain as the nose on your face.

I guess I didn't see the holes because this sweatshirt has been with me for so long. It was a Christmas gift from Sara in 1994. The year that Champion sweatshirts were all the rage at LHS. I have dressed that sweatshirt up by putting a denim shirt under it. I have dressed it as far down as it can go by wearing it with sweats when I am sick. I have worn it while pregnant. I have worn it while healing from a broken heart. It has been to five states and seen countless chick flicks and action movies. I love this sweatshirt, we have history together.

I plan on wearing my Champion sweatshirt until it falls all the way apart, which could be sooner rather than later. Who knew a sweatshirt, worn nearly every week, could last 16 years.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

2010: The Year of Control

"Like a city whose walls are broken down is a man who lacks self-control." Proverbs 25:28
Something serious has been revealed to me in the past few weeks; while I covet control, I lack self-control. As a result, my city is unprotected. In an effort to analyze where I thought God has been taking me recently, I spent time looking through my journals and it angers me that I continue to see the same issues over and over again. Please help me control my tongue...the food I tv I spend my time...blah blah blah.
It is time to get serious about breaking out of this pattern of lazyness when it comes to self-control. Because, I think, that is what it really is. I don't have self-control because I do not seek to fill my mind, my time, my heart with the One who will grant me the will to resist that which I should be resisting.
So, 2010 is the year of self-control. I can tell already this will be a battle that can only be won through Christ. Cookies, candy, sugar has never been so strong as it has this week. I cannot go anywhere without seeing something sugary to tempt me. But as Philipians 4:13 tells me I can do anything with Christ, who strengthens me.
I desperately desire to be able to look back on 2010 and say that is the year that changed it all for me. That was the year that God really took hold of my heart, mind, soul, and did a radical work in and through me. May it be!