Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Pregnancy Prattle

Here we are 28 weeks into my fifth pregnancy.  I feel like I am at least 36 weeks in and, apparently, I look that way too.  Why is it that people can say so much with a look and be so insensitive?

"Oh, you look like you are due about the same time as my daughter."  Really, when is that?  "October"  Not even close buddy, try two more months.

"When are you due?"  December.  "Oohhh."

I'm getting over it. Maybe.

As I was rubbing magic potions on my belly to try to ease the stretchmarks of my stretchmarks it dawned on me that the magic potion probably works better if you used with pregnancy one.  I'll keep using it anyway, just in case.

I probably am just too old this time around.  I was 26/27 when I was pregnant with Elijah.  29 when I was pregnant with John and 32/33 when I was pregnant with Daniel.  I hit advanced maternal age in August and now I know why they label it as such.  Because you feel older when you are pregnant at this age.  I thought it was no big deal.  Hollywood moms do it all the time, in their forties but apparently having trainers, nannies, and cooks does make a difference.

John did happen to walk in just as I was pulling down my shirt the other day.  "Mom, wow, you are so beautiful."  He just might be my favorite.

This is likely the last biological Anderson.  Chris brought it up the other night and I found myself agreeing with him.  Which makes me a bit sad that I have not been more joyful about this pregnancy.  It also makes me a bit sad that the being pregnant portion of my life is nearing an end.  We (Chris) decided that since I am already on the table anyway that getting a tubal ligation would be simpler than the other options.  He is right but there is a part of that that makes me feel sad too.

But with a little over 80 days to go until we find out if another boy or our first girl joins Team Anderson I need to get it together.  The list making has begun.  A list of meals to make ahead.  A list of nesting projects I want done.   A list of people to call, text, or Facebook.  And a list of names to consider and ones that are not happening (no Joshua, sorry Chris).

I hate to wish the time away but I would be okay with a fast forward in this case.  Praying for no complications, easy baby, and quick healing.

And so ends the prattle.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

For my namesake

She has really done it this time.  My sister (your mom) has done some whoppers in life.  Pushing me out the garage window, tying me up and putting me in a closet, luring me to climb a tree with the ladder only to take it away...just to name a few.  But this time she has REALLY done it.  She went and named you after me. Me!

Lydia Suzanne.  It is a beautiful name that goes with an equally beautiful baby.  You are, you know, beautiful. {And I am sure you will be brilliant because your parents are.}  I'm not entirely sure that your Mama had all her faculties about her when she named you.  It did take a long while for you to decide to make your debut into this cold, bright, loud world.  If she had, she may have remembered there is a lot of baggage that goes with the name Suzanne.  Baggage I will talk to you about as you grow older.  Baggage I hope to help you avoid.

We won't go into it here.  It will shared in moments we get to share together, just you and me.  When I can sneak you away from your protective brothers, loving grandparents, and all the other entourage that will inevitably follow you.

I had special times with the aunt I am named after.  They were some of my most treasured childhood memories.  Unfortunately, that namesake did not turn out to provide the best modelling.  I promise to work hard to do better.  I am not a perfect woman.  I am an extremely talented sinner who bristles at correction but I promise to learn those lessons so I can share them with you.

With all my love and joy,
Auntie Suzanne