Monday, June 29, 2009

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Family is messy. My family is particularly messy. Sometimes it gets exhausting explaining my relationship to people.

Memorial Day weekend was one such time. The Anderson clan packed up the Pontiac and trekked down to the far reaches of Iowa to celebrate Grandpa Tim's retirement. But just who is this person we call Grandpa Tim? Well, he is my sister's husband's father. Like I said it is messy.

Luckily Grandma Barb got it all cleaned-up. While at the party she introduced me as her daughter-in-love. It was the most meaningful introduction I have ever received. Why? Because we are connected by bonds of love; bonds that will not quickly be broken. God ordained us as family the moment that Andy married Sara and his delightful parents decided they liked Sara's little sister too (even if she was a bit of a drama queen when they first met me).

In talking with a friend about how messy it is to explain my relationships with "family" I told her about the in-love introduction and right away she thought of the in-loves in her family. I think we can all think of some in-loves. I know that I for one am so grateful to be loved by my mother and father in-love. I can't think of a greater blessing!