Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Christmas Recap

Oh, what a joyful Christmas we had. What made it so joyful? We spent the holiday with family, worshiped with family we have rarely been able to get into a church, and we didn't make it about presents. On Monday we trekked to the Patterson Inn where I spent the night trying to envision how the 6 hour drive would play out and thinking how in love the Western SDers would be with John, who they had not yet met. Tuesday came and went with no hardships. The boys were incredible travelers (thanks in part to the DVD player we borrowed). And Grandpa and Grandma were enamoured with sweet John. Wednesday was a full day of family fun, including an old time photo with all of Chris' family. The best part of the whole day was attending church with Diane and Harlow. Thursday brought another celebration and another first time meeting. We drove down to Rapid City where we celebrated Christmas with Chris' mom, Donna and her new husband. Again, John was instantly googled over, but ultimately Elijah was the star of the show with his movie lines and dance moves. Friday brough a sudden illness for me but Elijah had the "best day" because he got to stay in his jammies all day. Saturday was another travel day, which again proved to be blessed since the boys slept all the way to Chamberlain! (That is 4 hours and over lunch) Saturday night and Sunday we were blessed with time with Sara, Andy, Josiah, Isaiah, Grandpa Tim, and Grandma Barb.
All in all it was such a blessed Christmas. I felt the magnitude of God's gift more this year than ever before as I watched my boys and visited with family.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Yesterday John worked overtime to get to one of Elijah's toys. I thought it was cute but it didn't really occurr to me that it this meant that when motivated, John is mobile. I showed Chris John's new skill and we agreed that he isn't really crawling but he sure can propel himself.

ps..Elijah wanted to be on video too but he wasn't playing my reindeer games.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Revival of Love

Chris and I had the honor of witnessing the nuptuals of friends, Laura and Greg. It has been a long time since I attended a Christian wedding so I forgot that I usual cry at these events. I was immediately brought to tears when a radiant Laura floated down the aisle to the same song I walked down to. No, not the wedding march, but Agnus Dei. Later I was again in tears as the pastor implored the newlyweds to RUN. Run toward one another with Unfailing love, Never forgeting God. It reminded me of the message at Chris and I's wedding. He told us to always be the first to apologize; to always work together in everything. At the end of the ceremony I was again in tears as I noticed how moved Chris was.

Every couple should attend a Christian wedding once a year. It really renews your belief in human love. I have found that I am more patient, more accepting, and generally more loving of my husband since the wedding.