Saturday, November 23, 2013

Going to the dogs

This past Thursday John had his very first ever school concert.  The concert was about dogs and cats and John got to be a dog.  He was over the moon!  If you have played with John for more than a few minutes you quickly learn that his favorite thing to pretend to be is a dog. In all our hours of playing house together I have never had a more loyal doggie than John, who is always Shadow the dog.

The night before his concert he was so excited because not only did he get to be a dog, he also got to ride the bus.  Another first for him.  In fact, I am not sure what excited him more, being a dog or riding the bus.  After school he relayed that he got to sit by two different people and that the bus was bumpy and very fun. 

I have to admit I was nervous about John performing.  He loves to sing but he also has inherited his Mom's love for chit chat. Plus he was in the front row, on display for all to see.  Concert time arrived and he sang his doggie heart out. He was especially good at the barking and growling parts.  There was a little bit of talking to his neighbor but as he put it, "The talking parts got so long."

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Loving them...

My dearly loved friend Bree brought over cookies while visiting.  I'm pretty sure
Daniel loved it; he had frosting in his hair!
Elijah loves to read.  Daniel loves to read too.  I love seeing them together like this.

This is Thomas Jefferson.  He came to visit a few weeks ago.  I am loving all the Elijah is learning.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Glimpses of Gratitude

101. donuts (especially creme filled ones)

82.  bountiful tomato harvest

93.  Harvest moon ~ round and huge and orange against a navy blue sky

68.  when Daniel plays by himself

45.  open windows

57.  Daniel singing with the radio, "Oly, oly.....'

106.  John's report card

25.  a long, hot shower

34.  friends who ask me to pray

35.  Elijah belting out tune in the shower

51.  emails from Bree

2.  "Mama, can I tell you something?"

10.  baby kicks and flips

17.  John in glasses