Thursday, April 23, 2009


We got a win! 16-10 was the final score. It was great although I noticed that the girls seems just as giddy at the first two game we lost as they did last night. I guess they are having fun either way and so should I.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Channeling my inner Phil Jackson

My mother often reminded me that it was wise to think before you spoke. I thought this was a silly thing. What difference would it make if I thought about it? Three weeks ago I was having a conversation with our gym teacher when he mentioned that a 6th grade girl had organized most of her fellow female classmates (most of whom have never played softball before) to form a slow-pitch softball team but he couldn't find a coach. (I am sure you can guess where this is going) I said, "Well, I could do that."

At least twice, I have wished I would have kept my mouth shut. With three games this week and two every week thereafter along with a practice I am feeling a bit too busy. So, here I am trying to channel my inner coach. I have discovered that I really want to win, even though we have lost twice. I have also discovered that I really love these girls and want them to have fun. Perhaps that is what we will accomplish this season, lots of fun. (And maybe a win.)