Sunday, July 27, 2008

My Boys

I watched in awesome wonder this week as my boys changed before my very eyes. It seems that John changes every day. Seriously, he seems to grow or do something different each and every day. This week he started talking. I was helping Elijah play computer games when out came the cutest gurgling and cooing I have ever heard, well except for Elijah's. In only eight weeks he has gained 2 pounds, learned to smile, kick his legs, sleep for 6 hours in a row, and now talk. Amazing!

Elijah is just as amazing. This week he became very proficient at manuvering the mouse on my labtop. He loves to play Curious George on He loves it even more when he is in control. He also is really starting to love to play matching games. He still refuses he learn his colors and skips either 5 or 4 when counting but I still think he is a genius for 26 months old. He may be small, only in the 10% for height, but he was the bravest boy I have ever seen when he got his booster shot on Wednesday.

Oh, I am so blessed!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Friends and Sisters

What a wonderful weekend I was blessed with. Friends and sisters abounded as we had the second annual Beth Moore weekend. As my sisters and friends spilled through the door on Friday evening I couldn't help but smile at the blessing of being able to host them and worship and learn with them this weekend. We all have such different lives but we were all in need of the same thing this weekend. As Beth would say, we needed a Word from God. And man did we get it.
It was an adventure navigating (Thanks Becky) downtown Minneapolis and through road closures. We laughed at my ability to get us lost, sort of. Who knew it was so hard to get out of a parking garage, both times! I think I can safely say we all were touched this weekend through worship and the word. There is nothing quite like singing Amazing Grace with 7,000 other women, but singing it with sisters and friends was so moving for me.
This weekend I received a word from God, I bonded with my sisters, I reconnected with old friends, and I solidified the bond with new friends. How amazing!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

True Friends...

...are those who don't laugh when your shorts split at bible study.
Thanks ladies, you are true friends whom I treasure.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Home Again

Elijah came home yesterday full of stories of Buster (aka Baxter), Twinkles, and Buddy, who came with an explanation. "He doesn't like people Mommy. I just love him so much." We heard all about climbing a tree and how his finger got an owie that hurt. He explained all about swimming and splashing. "I gave Isaiah lots of kisses so he wouldn't miss his mommy," Elijah attempted to reason when I asked him to stop slobbering on his brother (John was wet with spit).

Needless to say, Cousin's Camp was the hit of the summer. Elijah is certain Grandpa and Grandma Patterson are much better at making goulash than Mommy and they are more fun too. He came home with the mark to prove it.I laughed for five minutes after a friend noticed his mark.
Thanks Grandpa and Grandma for giving Elijah the best vacation ever!

Friday, July 11, 2008


Yesterday Elijah went off to camp. No, not toddler boot camp. He went off to Cousin's Camp with fellow campers, Josiah and Baby I. Camp couselors for the week are Grandpa and Grandma Patterson. Sending off my little boy was a bit hard for me but he was a champ. The four days promise to be fun-filled with water, hammers, stories, and crafts. For me, the four days promise to be full of cuddles with John, reading, and shopping.

Have fun Choochie! Mommy loves you.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Fourth fun

We had a splendid weekend with family. Here's the proof:

Jo Jo and E: parade buddies

Candy please!

" This is how you do it boys"

A real tractor!!

"Donuts are yummy. I saved a springle for later."

Swinging fun

"Here ducky ducky."