Thursday, June 28, 2012

Crime and Punishment

I'm going to have to keep a closer watch (and perhaps a hand at all times) on John.  Yesterday, while visiting the neighbors John and his buddy Evan found a marker.  A PERMANENT marker.  One of them decided it would be fun for them to write on the walls with it, after they had decorated their faces. 

Me:  John, why did you do that?  You know better than to write on walls!
John:  I....I...I don't know.  I just did it.

He was sentenced to a very embarrasing time-out at a friends as well as a loooooong time out at home.  He also had to "write" an apology and fork over his spend money from his bank.  All $11.66 of it.

A friend at FCA camp mentioned that she is certain God uses our children to shed light on the areas we need to work on.  I am praying for submissive spirits for both John and I.

Top:  John and Evan's handywork with the permanent marker.  He was not happy about me documenting his crime. 
Bottom:  John's letter and his money.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mission Trip Recap

I meant to get this post out before we left for our other mission trip, FCA camp at Black Hills State University, but it just didn't happen.

It turns out, that walking across the driveway, the street, the hallway, or whatever is not that difficult.  God opens doors and hearts and begins to build relationships in the strangest of places.

We, as a family, walked across the complex and delivered a bike, that in turn delivered the biggest smile.  The little boy was hardly able to contain himself and his mother was so over-whelmed she kept asking if she could give me some money.  She also kept apologizing for her son's constant asking if he could ride Elijah's bike (I assured her it was not annoying, but only let us know his deep desire.)

Chris and I both explained that this was a gift.  That we have been so blessed and had a friend who was blessed with this bike and we felt God leading us to give the bike to her son.  She told us about how she works 10 hour shifts at a Sioux Falls casino.  She cares for her two children and her nephew.  She told me about going to Catholic school in Iowa and how she is doing the best she can. 

I pray for more opportunities to minister in my area.  After a week at FCA camp my eyes were jerked open to the needs of kids who look so "together".  I prayed for a girl who is suffering from lock jaw but came to be a huddle leader (think camp counselor) because she just had so much love for Jesus, she had to share it.  I prayed for a huddle leader who had several kids in the huddle start sentences with "I've never told anyone this but..."  I prayed for my step-nephew who suffers under the hold of addiction.  He was at camp and he thanked Chris for getting him to camp.  (Only, it wasn't Chris, it was God working through him.)  Such uunimaginable things were shared, such sad things, and my fervor for prayer was reignited. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mission Trip

I have felt the calling to go on a mission trip for several years.  Pregnancies and babies have squashed my dreams of flying way to Haiti to build an orphanage and hug hundreds of attention starved children.

I am going on a mission trip today.  I don't even have to pack a bag or have a passport.  I am simply going to walk across the apartment complex and share the love of Jesus with a neighbor.  God has really opened my eyes to the hurting people who live within a few yards of my front door.  I really stink at sharing Jesus so I am desperately praying for more of Him and less of Suzanne.

More to come....

Friday, June 8, 2012

Two Different

Elijah and John are about as different as two people can be.  I can barely fathom how Daniel will wiggle his way into the equation.

As obedient as Elijah is, John is reluctant to listen.
As active as John is, Elijah covets a jammie day.
Elijah is a planner (the over the top, nag you until you want to scream kind).  John is ready for an adventure at any moment.
Elijah is so soft hearted and sensitive.  John is rough and sensitive.
Elijah is very concerned about fairness and justice.  John just wants to get away with it. 

I love these boys so much.  I can only continue to pray that for as different as they are that they would find common ground through Jesus and forge a life-long friendship.  And include their baby brother every now and again.