Friday, June 17, 2011

My kid

It is an on-going argument in our house over whose kids is whose. I am certain John is Chris', not only because he looks like him, but because he behaves like him. I am certain Elijah is my mini-me. Elijah is sure this is not true but this week I saw it even more clearly.
My beautiful sister and her husband hosted Backyard Bible Club this past Monday through Thursday. Each day Elijah would sit towards the front (something his mom also tries to do, that is where all the learning takes place) and raise his hand patiently for each question. Now, it is a trait common in little people, they often raise their hands to answer questions they have no idea how to answer. Elijah, however, always has an answer, even if it was, "I have no idea." I too have a tendency to raise my hand or just offer my thoughts even if I have no idea; however I feign knowledge where I have none.
The first night Elijah was frustrated that he did not get called on to say the memory verse. He decided to remedy that problem by simply asking the teacher beforehand to call on him. The conversation went something like this: "Excuse me, Mrs. Ruth, could you please call on me first to say the verse? I really know it." Again this is me. I get frustrated when I am not noticed or acknowledged, especially when I actually do have the answer, for once.
I love both my boys so much but Elijah is so much like me. I hope that doesn't cause trouble in the future.