Monday, September 1, 2014

A few funnies

We are a non-stop comedy factory over here.  Most days I couldn't script the things these people say if I tried.

A snippet.

Around the dinner table one night, Elijah declared he was going to be a rancher (he's moved on from his desire to be a cook at IHOP).  John chimed in declaring he was going to be a farmer.  Not missing a beat, Daniel declared he was going to be a cower and ride cows in the garage.

John is not a fan of school.  Frankly, it cuts into his play time and that is not cool.  We had recently watched  a Percy Jackson movie that has the song "Highway to Hell" in it.  Well, walking down the hallway during open house what song should be darling blue eyed boy start belting out?  Yup, "Highway to Hell".  I tried not to laugh too much since the irony of choosing that song was lost on John.  I also let him know that song would probably be frowned upon in school.

During dinner one night we were eating something with beans.  John, upon taking a big bite, says, "This tastes like beans."  Well, that's good since it is beans!  He got a little offended that Chris and I were laughing at his expense so Chris tried to explain to him why it was funny but he still didn't think it was funny which made it all the more funny.