Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Final Goodbye

Last week Monday we packed up the rest of the house and put it in a massive trailer. I say we loosely. Chris did most of the work, along with two good friends of mine from Geth and a handful of others who came by to help out. It was all over in about two hours. Tuesday morning our generous, servant-hearted friend Kevin came by to drive the trailer to SD for us. (yes, he drove it to SD and then turned right around and drove home, what a great guy!)
Having been away from the house for 10 months I
didn't really exp
ect to be too emotional over the whole thing. I was, though. As I sat in the van, ready to drive away it occurred to me that I would never be in the house again. It was no longer mine.

Today at 1:00 MC bought the house. At least I am assuming she did since the real estate agent didn't call with bad news. It is now her house. I am so grateful for all of the memories that God allowed us to have in that house and I look forward to the new memories we will build in Harrisburg
and beyond.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Out of the mouths....

I think I laugh, literally out loud, every day at the funny things Elijah and John say and do.

John had a Nerf gun today and was very excited that he could cock it himself. He cocked it, shot it at the closet door and then turned to Chris and I, "That was awesome!"

Elijah put on Chris' slippers tonight and declared that he was the Dad. "My first order of business, Get me a pickle, son," he said to Chris.

John mistakenly uses the word possible instead of purpose which means that "on purpose" becomes "on possible."

Our daycare provider is having a baby. Elijah has been very curious about how a mommy knows that she is having a baby. One day he asked, "Do you beep or something?"

John currently uses, "IIII'mmmm tiiiirrred" (said with a drawn out whine) when asked to stop doing something he is enjoying, like pestering his brother. While I don't think it is funny now I am sure I will find the humor when he is older, much older.

Let me answer two questions. 1. Yes, John has both legs in one leg hole. 2. Yes he is wearing a Burger King crown.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

She Wants my Couch.

I love my couch. I worked two jobs and shopped for two months to get it. It is a khaki, microfiber huge sectional couch that has served many purposes over the seven years it has been mine. It has been a comfortable sleeping spot while I was pregnant with Elijah. It has been a super cool fort. It has been a guest bed for my Granny (she still talks about how comfortable it was to sleep on). It has hosted 5 beautiful ladies learning more about our great God. It has served as the pow wow spot for various important discussions ranging from what to name our second child to what movie to watch.

She wants it. She is the wonderful single woman who is buying our house. Our answer to prayers but she wants my couch. Of all the things in the house that I have missed, my couch tops the list. There are so many memories tied to that object. I remember cuddling my newborn, adorable, Elijah on that couch. I remember telling a group of dear friends (as they sat on that couch) that after trying for a year I was going to have another baby. I remember both Elijah and John taking naps on that couch.

God has taken Chris and I on such a wonderful journey of faith, provision, and balance. As soon as Chris told me that one of the stipulations to the sale was leaving the couch behind I felt it was an important part of our journey. In the 10 months since we put the house on the market God has taught us that He is enough, that we have too much, that we don't need to worry about what the world thinks we should have, that a house is not a home, and that we are rich in so many ways. Really the couch symbolizes sacrifice. God wants to know if I am willing to give up an object that I love in order to reap the blessing of a sold house.

I am. I did. And the house is sold. Thank you, God!