Friday, November 25, 2011

Elijah's View of Thanksgiving

It is an elementary tradition. The teacher asks the young pupil how turkey is prepared at their house. This week Elijah brought home his class's version of "How to prepare a turkey for Thanksgiving." I nearly peed my pants reading through it. And, although, biased I do think Elijah's had the most imagination. It was also clear that his class is used to hearing timers!

I would go hunting in the forest to find my turkey. I will be really quiet and look. I'm going to jump out and shoot it when I see a turkey. I will carry the turkey home on my back and hold it by the leg and the body will touch my back. I will put the turkey in the oven, but first I'm going to take all the feathers out. I will just pull them out. The turkey will cook for 10 minutes, while the turkey is cooking I'm going to play games because I like paying games. When the little thing that always beeps when my mom cooks that means the turkey is done. I will grab some gloves and take it out like the special gloves that my mom has. I will use a knife to cut the turkey apart then we will eat it. We will have stuffing that my mom will make. Mom makes almost all the food in my house so she will make potatoes and gravy. Then I think I would have some pumpkin pie; maybe, I'm not sure. I'll probably play a game with my dad after dinner because that's what we always do.

By Elijah (age 6)

I love this kid!

Monday, November 7, 2011

6 weeks

I am not good at waiting for things. I never have been. I was the kid who searched for presents, found them, unwrapped enough to peak and then rewrapped them. (Although I do remember having a partner in crime for this.)

I have 6 weeks to wait for the newest blessing to the Anderson family. I can hardly contain myself. I have been so blessed in this pregnancy. I feel good. I sleep okay. I am not totally huge (yet). Not knowing if we are going to be graced with a boy or a girl consumes most of my wandering thoughts. Thinking about all that little clothes and warm cuddles makes me smile. Every time the baby moves (which is a lot) I smile in anticipation of meeting this beautiful creation. the same time, I am not nearly ready to welcome a baby into the family yet either. I haven't found the flannel sheets for the crib to keep the baby comfy cozy. I have not picked out or made the curtains to cover the hideous light that shines in from outside. I have not planned all my sub stuff yet (yikes!). I have not planned out all of the details that need to be planned from December 23 when baby comes through Christmas Day when I will hopefully get to go home. I am not ready.

It is strange living in this duplicitous stage of life. To want it over with and need more time all at the same time. Either way in 6 weeks or 42 days or a lot of hours God is giving us a baby. And truly no matter what happens my only prayer is for a healthy, happy, baby; a safe delivery; and a smooth transition into life with three children.