Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Baking Joy

I love baking and cooking.  I especially love trying new recipes.  I have always wanted to make a cake from scratch so when my BFF decided to host a BBQ I quickly volunteered to whip up an Almond Joy Cake.  Here's how it went:
 All the ingredients needed.( I didn't need the oil; just a stick of butter.)
 I am so messy in the kitchen.  At this point I had discovered I didn't have enough sugar.  Thanks to the neighbors!
 Cakes baked
 Cut and filled with yummy coconut almond filling.  My layers did fall apartbut I just glued them back together with the filling.
The finished product with homemade cream frosting.

Monday, May 28, 2012

On Being Four

My dear John turned four last Wednesday.  There are a few things we told him are different now that he is four. 
1.  No more having Mommy help in the bathroom (unless it is an emergency)
2.  Just go to the bathroom, no need to announce and seek permission
3.  Scrape your own plate at dinner
4.  Chores.  At the Anderson house, chores start at four.  Purtting away the silverware is the four year old's job.  {Side note: it takes John 10 minutes to put away the silverware because he plays with it all before putting it away}

There are a few things I hope never change about John.
1.  His love of playing and pretending  (or be-tending if you ask him).
2.  His knack for throwing in a "Mama, I love you" at random times throughout the day
3.  Sharing secrets (or swecrits)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Finding a Voice

Daniel discovered his voice this weekend.  While driving home from the grocery store this noise was coming from the backseat.  After asking both John and Elijah to kindly stop they informed me it was Daniel who was squealing. 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Types of Tears

Admittedly, I am not very girlie.  But the one girlie trait I have in abundance are strong emotions.  Last week was one of those weeks where I had to classify my tears otherwise I would have been a blubbering fool. 

Monday marked the celebration of life for my Aunt Sharon.  Growing up, Aunt Sharon was the aunt I heard about but never really got to see.  She lived in Florida so no matter what I heard about her I always thought she was really exotic and cool.  I remember the Christmas she sent my sister and I rings.  Mine was an opal.  It was beautiful and even today when I see an opal I think about that really amazing gift.  (I really wish I hadn't lost it at an Augustana basketball game three years later.)

The types of tears shed at the funeral were those of sadness.  Sadness not because I had lost someone close to me but because my grandma has buried all of her children and her husband.  Sadness because of the brokenness in Aunt Sharon's life

Later that day I shed a different type of tear.  Tears of pride and astonishment.  Monday also was Elijah's kindergarten graduation.  As I sat in the bleachers thinking about how quickly the year passed and how soon 2024 will be here, I shed a few tears.  I also cannot believe how much Elijah has learned this year.  The boy can read!  And he is quite good at math as well.  He still proclaims that art and gym are his favorites though.

Elijah and his class waiting their turn to "graduate".
Then Wednesday came.  My last day teaching.  I am really at peace with staying home and am excited for that adventure.  But, I did shed a tear.  I received a card from a friend and the following was inside, "It will be gloomy without you.  That's what happens when the sunshine goes away." I guess you never know the effect you have on others.  My tears were those of thankfulness; thankfulness for having shared and hopefully ministering to my fellow teachers for the past two years.; thankfulness for the blessing of getting to stay home with my boys; thankfulness for the great friends that God brought to me.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Word Power

"Do you operate as though your words disappear or as though God remembers each one of them?"  Pastor Anderson posed this question in October and it has been ruminating in my mind and heart ever since.  The Bible passage for that Sunday was Matthew 12:33-37 where Jesus warns his followers that they will be accountable for every careless word.  The words we speak are a direct line to our hearts.

Man!  Two very real things strike me about this.  One, as a teacher, mother, wife, and friend I need to think before I speak.  Something my mother tried really hard to teach me when I was younger.  I am notorious for spewing forth whatever comes to mind and it has gotten me into heaps of trouble.  Like, this week, when the vice principal came to ask me about a comment I had made to a student.  One that probably should have been left in my head.  I was able to rectify the situation with both him and the student but I was left kicking myself.

Two, our words have great power.  My BFF, 5cent, was talking to me about a situation her daughter encountered with a coach.  The careless words of the coach had left her daughter devastated, physically ill and stressed to the max.  I have seen the flip side of this as well.  A well placed encouraging word can be a powerful tool.

So, do you operate as though your words disappear or as though God remembers each one of them?  Indeed, the pen is mightier than the sword.