Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Dear Daniel

My dear Daniel, 

How can you already be 1?  I mean really, I remember you coming into the world as if it were yesterday.  Although I am holding on to each memory a little tighter since you may be the last of the Anderson babies.  

You are a dear, sweet boy.  You smile easily and wave at everyone and everything.  Those squirrels outside our house are sure to settle in you have welcomed them so.  Uncle Andy calls you a waving expert and I would have to agree.  You love your mama, that is for sure.  We have spent countless hours together, many in the middle of the night or too early in the morning (you will call that time "the butt crack of dawn" when you are older).  I love when you reach for me and pull on my pants while I am cooking; although I could do without the accompanying crying you like to do at 5:00.  

You certainly adore your brothers and I think the feeling is mutual   You tackle them frequently and "pat" their heads with glee.  Your loud, "talking" also lets us all know where you are since you like to explore on your own, even in pitch dark rooms.

A few of your current talents include: waving, crawling quickly, throwing and catching a ball,  finding things you shouldn't have and putting them into your mouth, knocking on the wall of your bedroom to protest bedtime along with throwing all your nuks on the floor.

A few of your favorite words are:  DADADADADA: but not necessarily to Daddy; nananana for food, and auauauauaua for anything you think is fun.

I love you, Daniel.  Keep growing and learning to love the Lord.

Eating your monkey cookies that Auntie Sara loving made for you.  We love that Auntie Sara!

Opening presents with cousins and Uncle Andy looking on.

Daddy thought you needed a haircut; Mommy wasn't so sure.

You do look pretty handsome with your new hair do

Monday, December 10, 2012

A Cure for the Crabbies

I have been crabby lately.  I certainly have no reason to complain since I get to spend my day with this cutie and his brothers, who are equally smile worthy.

Friday, December 7, 2012

A dream fulfilled

Anyone who really know me knows that I don't really have huge aspirations   I enjoy the little things.  Brown boots, skinny jeans, fun kitchen stuff....the little things.

One thing I have wanted to do forever is holiday baking with friends.  In my imagination we would gather around a kitchen and bake and talk and taste test.

It happened just that way on Wednesday night.  The results of our baking were a bit mixed. My buddies Sarah N. and Bree came over with bags and ingredients and off we set to creating delectable goodness.  I was 1-2, Sarah was 1-2 but Bree was 2-2.  My attempt to melt chocolate for pretzel rods was a failure and ended up as chocolate pretzel bark instead. But with the help of Sarah, my almond bark pretzels turned out perfectly.  Sarah's attempt at an easy Pinterest inspired lemon bar brought the most enthusiasm.  The result was not lemon bars but a real like Sponge Bob creation that went right into the garbage.  We affectionately teased Bree that her chocolate balls looked like turds but in the end they tasted heavenly and the Pioneer Woman Chocolate Truffles with Sea Salt won the night.

Truthfully, it was really the fellowship with these women that made the night a dream come true.  I am so blessed that these ladies are in my life.  We had so much fun we are doing it again next week, this time sugar cookies are on the docket (I have never rolled out sugar cookies).

Sponge Bob

Poorly melted chocolate with crushed pretzel makes delicious bark

Chocolate balls.  AKA: turds

Getting ready to dump Sponge Bob

Success!  Covered pretzels


This is Bree.  Isn't she beautiful?

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


About a month ago, Elijah came out of school near tears.  As we walked to the van he passionately spilled, "I didn't get a part.  I'm just a stupid singer."  I knew instantly what he was talking about, the K-1 Christmas concert.  He had decided last minute to try out for a part (mostly because his buddies were also trying out).  I did my best to console him and off we went.  When we got home and got to the business of going through his bag I was shocked.
"Elijah, you got a solo!"
 "Yeah, a stupid singer."
We then went into an in depth conversation about how only really talented kids get to sing in front of everybody.  How having a solo is still having a part.  How God had given him a talent and he needed to share it not keep it to himself.
He wasn't super convinced but we set out practicing each day after school.  And then, the big night was finally here.  Elijah, was less than excited.  First, he doesn't really like to be in front of everybody in the huge auditorium.  Second, I made him wear his good shoes and a dress shirt, tucked in!  Third, he was singing with three girls.
He did so great!  This mom could not have been more proud of him.  He faced the audience, he directed the girl he was sharing the mic with to face the audience, and he sang beautifully.
This morning he gleefully tore up his song sheet and said, "I'm never doing that again!"

We'll see, buddy.  I have a feeling this will not be your last performance.