Friday, February 27, 2015

Take-away's from #RealTime2015

~ Never underestimate how delicious it is to eat a meal you did not have to prepare or clean up

~ Bathroom humor + farting noises = hysterical.  Jeff Foxworthy can make a girl nearly pee her pants when retelling his colonoscopy story.

~ You can always find a friend when you are out of town with 1300 co-workers

~ Perspective makes a world of difference.  Case in point,  to a Northerner, 60 degrees means shorts and a t-shirt for a 6 am run.  To a Southerner, 60 degrees means tights, shorts, two shirts, and a fleece.  I had one Southern belle tell me she never works out outside if it is below 61 degrees.

~  Craig Groeschel taught me that the quickest way to forget what other people think about you is to become OBSESSED by what God thinks of you.

~ Dr. Tony Evans can preach and it is fun to be amongst those who worship in ways far different than me.

~ Hearing a prayer in a different language moves this girl to tears

~ Going to Sea World without your children and riding a roller coaster is a lot of fun.

~  Your face can hurt from smiling so much

~ If a supernatural power is within you then it should also come out of you.  The Holy Spirit is just waiting for the invitation.

~ Meeting new people is fun; as is their expression when you tell them you are from SD, or that you have four boys, or that your beautiful sister is taking care of them plus her own four.

~ Flip flops in February are fun

~ a stutter (Neal Jeffry), a hearing impairment (Tamika Catchings), or a massively, messed up childhood (Jim Daly) are not enough to disqualify you from ministry

~Mandisa can bring out your inner dancer without you even noticing.  Old dance team moves may or may not have slipped out.

~sometimes God can bring encouragement from people you don't even know.  One FCA-E huddle member shared how impactful a teaching Chris had done was on his life.  If, for no other reason then that, the weekend was worth it.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Dear Sister

I heart you! 

Tomorrow you are letting me get on a plane to fly away to a warmer place.  To do that you are taking in my four squirmy, germy, rambunctious boys.

I heart you!

You never bat a beautiful eyelash at the work it involves.  You just do it.  (Better than Nike, I might add). 

I heart you!

I heart you for about a million other reasons but right now, the opportunity to escape my life for a few days is the top of my list.

I heart you!