Sunday, December 19, 2010

30 Day Challenge

I need accountability. I need a deadline. I need self-control.
Today I took my Sunday School teacher's 30 day challenge. The class is on developing a devotional life. A discipline I stink at. But now I am committed. I have to report to the whole class in 30 days.
I pray that in these 30 days I develop the firm foundation I have been longing for. I want so much to build my house on the Rock. To not get to Heaven only to learn God never knew me.

I 'll keep you posted.

Monday, December 6, 2010

She was right

So, sometimes I think my sister exaggerates just a little bit. When she was talking about how emotional it was to see our little guys all up on stage singing about Jesus, I thought she might be a little on the dramatic side. She wasn't. Last night Josiah, Elijah, Isaiah, and John marched out to get ready to sing and I had tears streaming down my face. There they were, our little men, getting ready to tell us all to stay awake and be ready; the Lord is coming soon (or not if you ask John). And while they didn't all sing; they all knew the words (I've heard them all sing/shout/say them a few times in the last weeks). It was more than this mom could bear. It is all I desire in this world is that those four boys will be awake and ready to follow hard and fast after our Savior.