Sunday, April 27, 2008

My Husband

I love my husband, always have. He reminds me a lot of my Grandpa Myron, whom I always wanted to marry. Last July he switched from a job that was very secure to a job that requires a daily leap of faith. Along with leaping he is also quite the traveler. Being the director of a national ministry requires him to go to events, meet with people, and support the Team. A better wife would probably remember all these things but I sometimes fail to. The travel often irritates me and causes some strife in our lives. The blame for my irrational irritation falls on my pregnancy hormones, which are raging right now.

Chris just returned from Boise, ID where FCA Endurance became an offical bike club with an big cycling organization by holding a bike race/time trial. On Wednesday, Chris leaves for California for the Wildflower Triatholon, one of the biggest in the country, where he will minister to athletes and run as part of a relay. On May 12, Chris is off to KC for FCA meetings.

I am sure you can imagine our conversations when things pop up on his schedule that take him away from home on the days he is in the same state (like an all day expo on Sunday). Friday night we had a hot date sorting through books and college notes in the basement (the nesting has spread to Chris too). During our date he mentioned, "Well you have plans for nap time tomorrow." I had no idea what he was talking about but said, "Oh." Imagining another nesting project.

At 12:15 Saturday I was seated in the waiting room at a massage clinic. The receptionist said, "Was it your husband who scheduled this? He was so cute, he said, 'She really needs this.'" She is right. He is really cute and I really did need it and the fact that he knew that made it all the more relaxing.

I love my husband, not because he bought me something but because even after 8.5 years he romances me.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Super Reader

Elijah is in love with the show Super Why. It is really too old for him but I let him watch it since it is all about reading, spelling, and letters. This is what he has been up to the past few nights.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Room Love Created

This past weekend my dear sister drove 3 1/2 hours through rain and cold to create a room of love. It was time to get things crossed off the list and baby room and spring cleaning was on the top of the list for the weekend.
First on tap was a trip to the store to buy the paint. My sister's eye for color and knowing what I am talking about when I don't meant the color would be perfect (and it is!). Then we had the arduous task of removing the old-lady border. It was tedious, messy, wet, and time consuming.
We still managed to get one coat on Friday night. Sara cut in and I rolled, sort of. Around 10 we needed a snack. Sara made the wise choice and had Kashi cereal while I stuck with my nightly ritual of ice cream (mint chip was the flavor of the night).
After a sleepless night (thanks Elijah and Isaiah) we were up by 6:30 and working by 7:30. Sara painted and I cleaned vents (gross!). Then it was a room by room attack of the neglect I had allowed for months. Floors were mopped by hand, window sills cleaned, appliances de-finger stained, furniture dusted, and bathrooms sanitized. At about the time we thought we were done we noticed that there was still green showing through our butter color. Coat three was on tap as soon as Chris could run to the store and get more paint. When it was all said and done the room is exactly what I pictured in my mind: a warm, bright sanctuary.

I never could have done this without Sara. Her sacrifice of time with her family, time to herself, and sleep are so amazing. My brother-in-law, Andy, sacrificed vacation time and spent the weekend trying to coach Josiah on the intricacies of using the potty. It warms my heart to know this baby is so loved already.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Dear Mr. Blue Bunny,

Dear Mr. Blue Bunny,
Words cannot express my gratitude for your delicious creation, Pistachio Almond. The creamy goodness has brought me much joy this week. You see I live with a two year old who appears to have mulitple personalities. Let me give you an example. On Friday night the two year old went to bed without a whimper, but on Saturday night a new child appeared. One who cried, screamed, talked, yelled, and played in bed until 10:30. Another example came last night when the two year old refused to eat the yummy, mommy-created pot roast. In the blink of an eye, however, the two year old was eating and even complimenting the mommy-made meal, but in another blink was back to refusing to eat.
It is stressful living with one who has this disorder but your heavenly, frozen delicacy has allowed me to keep my sanity. Each night the container calls my name and reminds me that I need an escape. As I sit with my bowl, my mind drifts to thoughts of beaches, sun, and puppies.

Thank you,