Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Favorite Things

I am headed to a "Favorite Things" party with the group I affectionately call "The Supper Club".  (We are much tamer than the "Breakfast Club" but a bit more wild than the "Lunch Bunch".)  My wonderful friend Sarah N. hosts each month and everyone else makes or buys something to add.  We have wildly entertaining conversation and super delicious food and we solve all our life's problems in about 2 hours.

Sarah sent out beautiful invitations weeks ago so I have had a lot of time to think about what I want to bring for our gift exchange.  {Each attendee is to bring five of her favorite item.}  I have mulled this over in my head for hours.  Should this really be so difficult?

So I brought it to a higher power.  My first Sara, the person who knows me best.  Her immediate response,  "Well, you don't have favorite things."

So that explains why I draw a blank every time I try to come up with my favorite thing.  I don't have favorite things.  I have things I like, things I think are convenient, things I would like, but no favorite things.  I just don't value things that much.  I make due with what I have and sometimes make things to fill a need but I don't always purchase the same item, brand, or luxury.

I do have favorite people, favorite scripture, favorite places to hang out, favorite meals and treats to share with others.

So, what's a girl to do.  The party is two days away and still no favorite thing......

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Turning 7

Sorry buddy, I didn't mean to put off posting about your birthday for so long.  Moving really threw a wrench in things.  Thank you for being so patient and understanding about all of it.

You are seven.  The fact that you have been in this world for seven years shocks me.  I have loved every minute of being your mom.  Thanks for being my experimental child.  Sorry, I have made so many mistakes on you.  Here is the picture recap of your day.
I love you more than the words in my brain can express!

The annual "Special Day" doughnut.  You also requested baked french toast for dinner.  This year we added coffee, which for some strange reason you like.

Daddy is so silly (and a bit strange).  He brought in your "present", a brand new plunger. You feigned excitement but we both knew what you were really looking for....

It wasn't a shovel either.....

It was a skateboard.  You had been asking for a skateboard for your birthday since September when an older boy at the apartment showed you some tricks.  We kept teasing you that 7 was the year of underwear but you weren't buying it.

You made us so proud at the talent show on your birthday night.  You took People's Choice first prize for K-2.  What a brave young man you have become!

Friday, November 9, 2012

A house on Elm Street

Putting things into boxes and moving is becoming quite the skill; one I pray is put to rest for a VERY long time.  Chris and I have been searching for a house since June.  Our wonderful agent, Angie, has been very patiently showing us houses, emailing encouragement, and just plain sticking with us.  And then, one Saturday a familiar house came up for sale.  It was a house Chris had wanted to look at in June but I said no way because it was a dump and needed more work than I could visualize.  But, the Lord knew this was to be our home and had someone else do the work.  All it took was one tour and we knew this was the one.,After what seemed like an endless search, suddenly it was time to pack up and move across town.  Here is a peak at what that looked like.

ps....a week in and I only have 2 boxes left to unpack but a lot of bare walls and dreams.
Our new home!  John really loves the doorbell.

Boxing up your life really makes you think about all the stuff you have.  This is only 2/3 of them.

Our wonderful friend Joe and his amazing Mercedes van.  I am sure it is the ritziest moving truck around.

Boxes in the new dining room.

Moving The Beast, aka the treadmill, which I had to promise to use.

It did take 5 guys to get it down the stairs, so I will honor them and use it.

Thank you so much, Andy, Tim, Dominique, Seth, Joe, Jay, Dad and Ellie for moving us.  Thank you Sara for keeping the kids. ( I think you had the harder job.)