Monday, July 18, 2011

What do I have?

There are way too many things we love about living in South Dakota to list on this blog but one of them is the awe my boys have for the world around them. Each time we drive to Grandma's or to Sioux Falls or anywhere the boy's marvel at the tractors and the growing things in the fields. They love to ask, "What do I have?" They are so curious about what is growing out their windows. Elijah has gotten very good at telling the difference between corn and beans and John is very good at telling us whether the tractor is a John Deere or not.

It also amazes them to no end that Auntie Sara has a garden and that we get to eat what grows out of it. The other night, as we munched garden lettuce and the first green pepper, Elijah was so impressed that we were eating food grown right down the street.

It just makes me smile.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Top Ten from Black Hills visit

10. New lunch boxes with many treats thanks to Grandma Donna
9. Swimming in the warm pool with all of our friends
8. Learning to use our rock fist with Sky Collide
7. Taco Bell gives out toys?!
6. Many rocks thrown into Spearfish Creek
5. Putting feet into the very very cold Spearfish Creek with new friends Lily and
4. 4-wheeler rides with Daddy
3. Tractor rides with Grandpa
2. Elijah lost his first tooth!
1. Learning how to dig into the word of God with all our little friends at FCA Camp VBS while Mommy finished a book, did Bible study and got coffee with the moms!