Saturday, August 22, 2015

Being a Hero

When my phone showed a call from my neighbor I didn't think a thing of it.

When she asked if they should give Elijah a ride home I was confused.

"Chris is there.  At practice.  To get Elijah."  I stuttered.

When she explained about a horrific car accident involving a car, two kids, the helicopter, and a slew of emergency personnel I went to the dark place.  That place in my brain that immediately assumes the worst has happened.  In this case, it involved Chris hitting kids.  Or my nephews being hit.  Or...

I immediately called Chris who was giving a statement to police.

 He has been first on the scene.  He had seen flying bodies and heard cracking windshields.  He had been calm.  He directed others to call 911, to block traffic, and start assessing injuries on the young victims.  In his previous work he was an EMT and his brain holds all sorts of knowledge on injuries and treatment.  God gifted him with this incredible ability to remain calm in stressful and high drama situations. Like when the mother of the victims is hysterical by your side.

He arrived home with gloves on his hands.  Hands covered in the blood of a young girl.

He arrived home with tears in his eyes.  Tears from seeing the pain in the children.

He is a hero.  Placed at that place, at that time but God who sees and knows all things.

and I  love him and God for doing it.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Anderson Adventures Part 3

Whew!  We made it to the final adventure.  The pinnacle of all our travels and training and talking.

My dearly beloved completed the hardest physical feat of his life. 100 miles traversing gravel roads, goat trails, a mountain, and the horrendous Powerline climb that comes at the end of the race.

I completed a 6 mile run (I use run loosely) at 10,200 feet above sea level.  Did you know there is 30% less oxygen at 10,200 feet above sea level?  I needed that 30%, badly.

The boys made the best crew and support team ever.

My beautiful sister and family were the key to a less stressful trip by keeping the Moomer.

On a rock outcropping on the way up Colombine mountain

Above the tree line.  On the top of Colombine.

Daniel got to drive down with a little help from Joe.

The most beautiful and clear lake I have ever seen.  So peaceful and fun!

"Brr!  It is cold, Mom!"

Why we really went.  A short notice devotion and time of prayer brought in 20 athletes and family.

Our beloved Augie and Marcia

Sitting in a sage brush field waiting for our team.  These guys did so great!

Smiling in true Chris fashion.  The hard part is yet to come!

This is the last of the smiles for a while.  He would crash literally and mentally, thanks God for a team of brothers.

Friday, August 7, 2015

A Psalm

A lifetime ago I taught a Faith Formation class.  I rarely taught the same thing twice since each group of kids was so different but one thing we did each year was study the Psalms and then write our own.  I say we because teaching this class was just as much about my faith formation as it was about theirs. 

I came across the Psalm I wrote some years ago.  Not surprisingly it still rings true.

Your beauty is all around me,
yet my heart is not satisfied. 
Your love has set me free,
but still I am enslaved.
Why am I always floundering about -
searching -
when only You have the answers?
The desires of the world
push the desires of my heart
Holy Father, satisfy my heart.
Amazing God free me from slavery.
Faithful Friend help me seek your counsel.
I praise your HOLY name.
Strengthen me
sanctify me
fill me
Oh, Holy Spirit.
Set my focus on You;
set my feet on the path You blazed
I praise your HOLY name.