Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Deep, Dark Secret Part 2

It is no secret that Daniel is darling.  It is no secret that he can charm the pants off teenage girls and blue haired ladies in the grocery store.  It is no secret he can do amazing things.

I shared my first deep, dark secret 3 years ago when this beyond strong willed child would not sleep through the night.  And now we have this.  The deepest, darkest kind of secret.  The kind that will garner chuckles and embarrassment when he is older.  Daniel is not potty trained.  This would not be a deep, dark secret if he were 2 or 3 but he is 4.  4!!

Not for lack of trying, coercing, and cajoling.  I have tried sticker charts, treat jars, grand prizes, cool underwear, and any other trick I can find.  No dice!

After a successful day two weeks ago when he went the whole day staying dry I thought we finally had it.  To no avail.  The next day he peed through seven pairs of undies and pants.  7 pairs!  I thought I might have a nervous breakdown.

I tried paying his older brother $100 to do the job but he gave up quickly, "It's impossible!"  Yes, a mission impossible.  When kind-hearted teachers mention that no kindergartners still wear diapers I reply, "They haven't met Daniel!"

I know the secret is tied to my pride.  My sense of success as a mom.  I am failing.  I cannot make this precious boy give up diapers and tackle the big kid world.  "I just don't want to," he declared one day.  "Maybe when I am 7."

We did eventually get the sleeping thing figured out.  He sleeps like a champ 3 years later.

He is a charmer though....isn't he?


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Sara said...

If you have looks and you have brains, who says you can't put the two to good use coercing others into changing your dipes well into your twenties?!?! Perhaps he's just more efficient than the rest of us. You and I both know we're all headed back to diapers again one day...why leave them in the first place?!?! :-)